Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Adaptation: UV Layouts

The ball is finally rolling nicely and I can finally move onto rigging and skinning my character now that the UV's are organised ready for texturing later.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Adaptation: Prop Modelling Update

Following on from my previous post, the models of the props are complete. They aren't as complex but will bring my character to life once he is posed to reflect my concept. An update of their UV's will be posted up soon!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Adaptation: Character Modelling Update

I have neglected my blog for the past couple of weeks seeing as I've been hard at work bringing my rendition of Logen Ninefingers to life. I have tried to have a fairly detailed model, attempting to stick to my concept as close as possible, but through the process of sculpting his anatomy, I found certain areas to improve from my original drawing. For example, to legs were sculpted in a stronger way to show they support his upper bulk and the jawline was strengthened in the model to give his face a more-brutish form.

These will have their UV Layouts posted soon, as well as some progress with the models his props.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Adaptation: Resolved Concept

Introducing the resolved concept of Logen Ninefingers. I have tried to accomplish the graphic novel style as a guide to develop my character and have tried to use saturated colours to reflect his mood and character which I think has worked well. 

I am now working on my orthographics and roughing in some expressions for later reference before I start modelling within the next couple of days. More to come soon.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Adaptation: Body Refinements

After feedback regarding my developed work, a question was raised asking if the proportions of my bodyshape was credible, more specifically the legs. I then took this feedback to alter my design slightly, introducing the correct adjustments as I went along.

Initially I elongated the legs before it revealed an issue with muscle mass which was corrected after. This then resulted in opening a couple of other minor issues which needed adjusting again such us the hips of my character and more importantly the crotch which was far too female. With these fixed, I feel as if my body shape is now resolved and can move onto capturing his character is a fully rendered and posed concept.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Adaptation: Developing the Costume

Working from the body shape I constructed previously, I moved onto creating the costume. I started by re-reading my novel trying to find the inspiration to generate some ideas. He is described to wear mismatched leathers and furs which are tatty but well constructed, and also has a missing sleeve on his coat. He is also known to be against wearing belts as he believes that they give an enemy the upper hand in a fight, however he reluctantly wears a practical belt to carry his sword. The key words here for this design process here had to be 'practical' and 'tatty' which I kept in mind for each element of the costume. 

I drafted down some rough line work for the possibilities for his costume, trying to stick to practicality and simplicity the best I could. This somewhat proved to be a difficult task considering I had to create a characterful costume which was appealing and not too bland but was also detailed enough to be memorable and attracting. After drafting my ideas, I picked the strongest elements from each design to create the outfit which I felt reflected my character best and possesses the most appeal.

And with the costume complete, it was time to install some life into my character through colour. Considering my character is a Northman, I took colour reference from medieval Scandinavia and leathers and developed a variety of patterns for his patchwork. I experimented with other colours such as the greens and blues with the idea that perhaps my character would use other peoples clothes to patch up his own. Overall, styles 1 and 6 seemed to fit the bill nicely.

I am currently working on a turnaround for this character, with his props and some gestural poses in development too which should be completed very soon. Watch this space.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Adaptation: Re-Defining Logen #3.

Now that I have the basic shapes for both body and head down, It was time to start refining my forms to create the correct proportions suited for my character. To do so, I decided to create a front on silhouette of my character to understand the anatomy of the frame I was working with. This required me to draw the skeleton in its primal shapes before creating an outline to which I silhouetted. This immediately showed me the modifications which needed to be installed to provide the correct anatomy for my design. I also made a decision on the face which I felt reflected the character in the best light.

I carried on with my refinement by chiseling away some areas or by adding in newer shape to redefine the shapes I wanted to use from my previous studies. I also decided it would be effective for my design to be elongated and warped in the torso to give my character wider lats and a larger abdominal surface. Through my process annotated below, I finally ended with a result which I was content after a few refinements. From here, I re-created a skeleton in a basic t-pose and blocked in the shapes I already had an understanding of again, and continued to silhouette my design before working in a base line work of my character form.

With this complete, I moved onto altering the facial structure of the character a bit more so that the anatomy was correct as seen below in the first two faces. The initial sketch I worked from had issues with the jaw length and mouth position which was shortly after fixed. It was then all about finding the right scar patterns for my character which are a majorly important part of his appearance and part of his mystery.  

I used inflicted injuries as a reference for different marking (which sounds rather psychotic) to give me various patterns and formations on the face. There isn't a scenario my character hasn't really experienced if staying true to the novel, so I wanted to have a broader range of markings to reflect this. After drafting them down it became apparent that the arrangement needed to be defining and memorable as well being convincing. With this in mind, the final outcome was the best result that I intend to move on with.