Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Alberstine Facial Expressions

With the basic forms of his face complete, the next challenge was to install some character into Alberstine. I tried to follow my script and imagine some of the expressions he would exhibit in certain circumstances. I attempted to exaggerate his features to help the emotions conveyed which seem to have worked successfully. Initially... I forgot... but Lucille will eventually have a similar sheet in the coming days to bring her character life. Costume and colour developments to follow shortly.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Alberstine Character Development

Finally some development for Alberstine! Way back when my project was set in the very early 1900's, Alberstine was equipped with a dashing top hat, a suarve moustache and an elegant cane. Unfortunately the time cane to remove the finery and begin to introduce the tackiness of the 80's. Before this step was truly set into motion, I followed the same process as I did for Lucille to create a more suitable and appealing appearance for TV host.

Eventually I decided one of my early designs were more successful in terms of structure and decided to keep the crooked nose and replace the pointed jaw to find my favorable design for Alberstine. The next step was to create Alberstine's characterful toupee which I plan to have flap about and move on its on accord when he moves about. Each hair piece was developed based on ones I found for influence which were avaliable during the 80's.

I was stuck between 4 toupee styles when it came to the next step in my character creation which was creating Alberstine's moustache. In the end I pieced together a few pages of possible designs to help my visualise my ideas and allow me to pick out the stronger concepts. In the end the toupee with the flick and the 80's 'porn-stache' styles prevailed.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Lucille Character Development #2

I decided to create Lucille using a more graphical approach, trying to remove my usual line art rendering technique to develop a more charming style. I always had it in mind that Lucille would be quite colourful in comparison to Alberstine or the set, so I thought it was fitting to use contrasting colours throughout her costume to seperate different areas of her design. I have stuck with barebones block of colours to get these developments out quickly but plan to install better detail as her development continues over the week.

When it came to developing her costume colours, I begun with her undergarmets which were planned to be poking out the bottom of her dress. This proved to be a wasteful exercise as it became apparent that these would need to be altered when it came to matching up her whole costume. I ended up taking influence from the colours of the various images I collected as part of my visual mind maps, when it came down to colouring her costume. I personally like the forth of the top row as the colours are simply and blend well together.

I also had to consider some accessories for Lucille as I felt she needed another defining detail such as earrings, and I also experimented with using 70's and 80's pattern to give her head scarf a little more character. For her earrings I feel that the smaller and simpler the better. Large, Shapeful earrings will distract to much and wouldn't necessarily fit her character. For her head scarf I plan on using one of the patterns subtly to restrain from any possible issues relating to the same problem of distraction.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Lucille Character Development

Not to worry, the pre-viz of my project is underway and currently working with actor Colin Day to provide the voice for my character. For now I have a serious backlog of work which needs posting, so I would like to begin with where I left off. From my previous post, I was working on the initial facial sketches for Lucille which I was fairly happy with, however I still felt that it was best to exchange some of her features to see if I could develop a more successful design. This mostly involved experimenting with the re-definition of her cheeks and jaw which proved to be a useful exercise. I decided that her hair was a successful shape as it was so I only tweaked this shape a little in the various designs.

Once I refined Lucille's face I moved onto defining her body shape from the previous sketches and silhouettes which helped me understand her anatomy. I begun to develop some costume ideas next, transferring successful elements between designs and removing the least successful aspects from the proccess.

Next will be the colour developments and accessories of her costume rounding out her initial design process before Lucille can be taken into further development. Alberstine's process will be posted shortly once Lucille's progress is up to date.