Monday, 1 December 2014

Alberstine Character Development #2

So another update for Alberstine. I have roughed in some block colour tests over the original line work to see if my initial mental visualisation fit Alberstines physical appearance, however I decided the black wasn't doing enough for me. Eventually the forth design from the top row took my fancy as I felt the combination defined Alberstine's face in a better way than the others.

I then drafted in a some inital costume designs using a lot of 80's movies for reference. This way, I would know that Alberstine would have the correct appearance and would fit into my 80's setting seamlessly.  From my designs, I ended up combining the strongest elements from the various drawings to finalise my costume.

Again, I then blocked in some colour using the same movies as before as reference, and worked on creating a series of contrasting outfits. Initially I wanted to go with dingy colours, but considering my set is going to be filled with this glorious tackiness, I decided that perhaps Alberstine would be better off looking a little smarter to make sure he stands out at the main attraction. I drafted six initial ideas and then used these as a kind of colour palette to create my final design which is the last on the page below. 

And finally the last part of Alberstine's design was the pattern on his tie. This isn't a final decision yet as I may decide to leave his tie blank, however I have still found some patterns that I thought could fit in with the rest of my design work and put them to practice. I feel as if the striped pattern in design 2 or the squared pattern in design 5 would do the trick nicely, however this will later be decided on and altered to make sure it compliments the colour scheme.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Alberstine Facial Expressions

With the basic forms of his face complete, the next challenge was to install some character into Alberstine. I tried to follow my script and imagine some of the expressions he would exhibit in certain circumstances. I attempted to exaggerate his features to help the emotions conveyed which seem to have worked successfully. Initially... I forgot... but Lucille will eventually have a similar sheet in the coming days to bring her character life. Costume and colour developments to follow shortly.