Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Set Development: Texture Maps

With my light rig imported, I began the process of texturing. Each texture has been individually made, and constructed in photoshop, and has a corresponding normal map where needed. I have also edited the lighting, by installing 3 point lights into the overhead lights, and have also placed on last area light above the scene to give the Kitchen King a little more illumination to allow it to stand out further. I have also created a environment ball for reflections within the scene which has a HDR image plugged in to give off a fake studio image within reflectives areas around the scene. The normals are also plugged in and tuned professionally.

(As a side note, the condiment pots will have their reflectivity turned down in the final animation)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Set Development: Lighting Tests

When lighting the set, I had a vague idea in mind regarding studio lighting. I previously read up on effective ways to install studio styled lighting, using real life methods and techniques as influence. I always envisioned an evenly lit scene with defining shadows, and the way to produce this was by creating lights which resembled real world softboxes. My scene consists of 3 of these softboxes to provide a little temperature to my world, as well having an illuminating surface shader sphere shooting off-white lighting into my scene further. I also added a backing area light to help provide some additional unnatural, accenting colour. With my base lighting set up, I will revisit the overhead lamps once I have installed my textures and their normal maps, and hopefully add a few more detailing lights to pick out my important objects.