Thursday, 1 May 2014

Video Infographics: The War Time Career of Oskar Schindler

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  1. Feedback;

    I’m guessing but I believe this project suited you in terms of your skill base? There is a lot of good practical work here Jake with good sense of graphical language, particularly in each silhouette element. The script, voice over, and choice of subject were all rewarding to see too.


    Working to script: One of the most common mistakes made when visualizing a voice over is the tendency to depict every sentence. E.g. A new sentence equals a new image or shot. This has a tendency to either bore the audience or become visually frenetic, a more successful approach is to economize and either ‘let lines pass by’ or ‘combine visual concepts’. In both cases the goal is to allow the audience time to digest the information. I think your infographic suffers from this problem to a degree, in places its ‘mechanistic’ either going too slow or too fast or working too rhythmically to the voice over. It’s also information heavy at three and half minutes plus (Brief?) and the use of fading as a transition is ‘cheap’ solution (given the high qualities else where) – Instead this could have been an ink bleed which would have suited the idea of a ‘list / paper/ ink/death’ better. However, there are glimpses of a more refined, focused, and fluid infographic when you combine imagery. The ‘list to typewriter’ transition for example works well due to the blending of visuals.

    Some things to consider for the future;

    1) As mentioned above there is nothing wrong with your practical skill level and you’re ambitious and hardworking. However, I would argue that you need to refine and edit your ideas further before starting practical tasks. Give yourself time to go dig deeper conceptually and explore ideas, consider the alternatives and find new creative avenues – Explore your talents and be less ready to say ‘I know’ and settle.

    2) This year has been a predominantly 2D in terms of your work/output. You appear more comfortable in that world. Hopefully you will be able to upscale your work in part B to incorporate the potential of 3D software and challenge yourself. I’m looking forward to seeing your work looks like Jake.